Cyclo-ssage massage therapy system has 14 unique CVR engines distributed over the horse’s
muscles. The unique CVR engines are EU-approved human medical devices that they produce
circulating vibration therapy. When using CVR engines, the Cyclo-ssage massage rug enter the
horse’s deep muscles. Produced for over 10 years at the engineering factory in Germany, we
cooperate with veterinarians to ensure the highest results. Cyclo-ssage is scientifically proven to
increase the blood flow and blood circulation to the horse after only 15 minutes and helps your horse
quickly back after an injury. Cyclo-ssage stimulates the muscles tissues, so your horse maintains the
muscle mass under box rest. The system also stimulates blood circulation and drains the lymphatic
system. The horse naturally disguises itself with waste products through movement but when the
horse is in box rest from injury this is a challenge. To increased blood circulation via Cyclo-ssage can
compensate for the lack of training and remove waste and discomfort the horse experience in
confinement. Cyclo-ssage will reduce the formation of scar tissue after injury, scar tissue is not as
elastic as ordinary tissue and can therefore affect the movement of the muscles, tendons and joints.
The massage system can be especially beneficial when the horse has locked or strained muscles that
occur when the horse has to compensate for the pain as with lameness.

The horse is the world’s largest athlete with over 700 muscles, there are many opportunities for the
horse to get muscular tension. Regardless of which breed level the horse is working on, muscular
tension can affectin the horse in different ways. The horse may have difficulty performing certain
exercises, lack of flexibility, reduced performance, changes in temperament or behavior. So be aware
of the small signals
the horse gives to indicate issues in their body. Cyclo-ssage improves blood circulation and blood’s
ability to absorb and transport oxygen into the muscles which accelerate the natural healing process,
as the blood supply to the injured area is increased and toxins and waste products are removed.
Cyclo-ssage improves the lymph systems purification process, which means that the activity of the
cells increases and thereby a regeneration of them damaged areas begin. Cyclo-ssage has an effect
throughout the horse’s body from the inner organs and out to the smallest cells.

Daily treatments with the Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Therapy System will:

  • Stimulate good blood circulation
  • Pain Relief
  • Loosen muscle tension
  • Promote healing of wounds and counteract the formation of scar tissue
  • Shorten injury time
  • Prevent Colic
  • Reduce muscle spasm
  • Stimulate lymph circulation
  • Removes lactic acid from muscle
  • Reduce waste accumulation (due to medicine or boxing)
  • Limit the loss of muscle mass
  • Stimulates deep muscle tissue
  • Bloodcirculation and lymphatic drainage.

Veterinarian TONY WARR (Bsc, BMVS, MRCVS) is a big fan of the Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Therapy System:

“As a full-time performance horse veterinarian and a event rider I am very impressed with the Cyclo-
Pro Equine Therapy System. It provides a great and easy to use all-in-one therapy with
settings for heating, massage and relaxation for all horses. I use it regularly to give the horse
relaxation and to heat my horses before riding, especially for competitions. I also use it extensively on
horses with specific medical and motor problems such as back pain. ”
Cyclo-ssage at Box Rest

In case of prolonged box rest due to injury or illness, a horse will lose muscle tone because it stands
still. In addition, complications can occur such as muscle tension, stress and colic. Use of the cyclo-
ssage cover will reduce stress, preserve some of the muscle tone, stimulate blood and lymph flow and
thereby prevent unnecessary pain and colic risk. The massage system can also remedy accumulated
mucus in the airways.
If possible, we recommend 3 sessions a day for a full-time box rest. Always consult your veterinarian
before using Cyclo-ssage on a horse with a disease or injury.

About Pro Equine

Cyclo-ssage Equine Pro Therapy System is a proven method for relieving deep muscle pain. Cyclo-
ssage also helps improve performance and rapid rehabilitation from injury. Manufactured in Germany,
Cyclo-ssage is a patented solution approved for human medical devices. The Cyclo-ssage Equine
uses the same medical engines to produce the equine system. It is by using these engines that Cyclo-
ssage manages to get into deep muscles on the horse and the right intestines. The Cyclo-ssage
massage rug is easy to operate and has many individual programs that make it comfortable for all


Consistent use of the Pro-Equine Therapy System will benefit both horse and rider as it allows
faster progress in training by reducing stress levels and discomfort.
Using cyclo-ssage regularly will rapid improve muscle development and improve overall performance.
Many pre-existing conditions can be improved or strengthened effectively and stabilized by usimg
Cyclo-ssage, here are a few examples;

  • Weak topline
  • Lactic acid in the muscles
  • The horse will not go forward
  • Poor Blood Circulation
  • Kissing Spine
  • Colic
  • Lunge irritation
  • Box Rest
  • Fatigue / stiffness when traveling
  • Competition and performance muscle soreness / strain
  • Training and regular muscle maintenance

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