To Improve training

To improve the horses condition regardless of the discipline without sustaining injury is a complicated
task for any trainer.
The importance of maintaining muscular suppleness and agility of the horse must be in focus and to
avoid stiffness and soreness that will inhibit progress that causes discomfort, stress and delays in
development of the horse. By using Cyclo-ssage to provide daily maintenance before and after
training, it will result in faster progress, better focus, greater comfort and increased value for each one
training session.


If horses are not properly warm up, they are at increased risk of being injured. If they are not warmed
properly, it leads to more acute pain, more pain after exercise and increased risks of injury. In order for
the horses to be able to maintain the peak performance, they must be properly warmed up and cooled
down to reduce the lactic acid in the muscles, this helps the Cyclo-ssage with. Using a 15 minute
warming program will warm up the entire horse before the workout. Using cyclo-ssage 15 minute post
training program removes laced acid build up in the muscles and helps the horse recover faster.


Long-distance transport is becoming more and more common for most competition horses and it
muscular effort required during transport causes a significant amount of stiffness, colic symptoms and
building up toxins (lactic acid), which often results in a decrease in performance
arrival at the destination. The use of the portable massage system cyclo-ssage gives a effective and
easy treatment for the horse upon arrival for preparation for work or competition.


Cyclo-ssage helps to maintain the condition of the horse while in temporary competition environment.
When they are at shows, clinics, races etc. the horse will often cope with several days of confinement
in temporary stables without folds and possibility to move as much as usually. It is under these
conditions that we expect the horses to give us top performance. With the help of cyclo-ssage you can
help diminish the strains and keep them relaxed, agile and supple while being in the conferment of the
Make the horse relax both physically and mentally, fight colic and prepare for work.
Use the Cyclo-ssage before to ensure the horse’s maximum performance, simply place the massage
rug on your horse and choose one of the programs.

EMILIE FAURIE is one of England’s best international riders and coaches and has represented
Britain at world, European and Olympic level; “My top horse Max can be very
excited, especially on large international shows. I’ve tried many things earlier to help him
to relax without luck. I’ve been using Cyclo-ssage now and won’t go anywhere
without it. I can’t explain how much change it has for Max. The first one on the list is
always make sure we have Cyclo-ssage on our transport “«


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