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Herer is the study that shows concrete evidence of the effect of the Cyclo-
ssage massage rug on the blood circulation to the horses. The results
can be seen in the pictures, and the clinical examination can be read

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Cyclo ssage Pro massage system is a system designed to increase circulation and transport of oxygen to the muscles to reduce lactic acid build up after exercise, stimulate the lymphatic system and improve metabolism.
The system is designed to help the horses warm up before exercise / competition, relax after training / competition and help get started after training. It is also designed to help restore muscle tension and injury.
The system operates through the 12 oscillating massage motors over the back, shoulder and back part built into the carpet with an enlarged neck piece containing an additional 4 motors from the ears down to the shoulders. Massage rug is used directly over the horses and secured with straps under the horse's stomach and neck


Infrared Thermography is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that uses the latest infrared imaging equipment and computer software to detect small changes in the horse's thermal and neural state and facilitate rapid and efficient identification of trauma in an injured animal.
Infrared Thermography Equine measures surface temperature by detecting radiation from horse in thermal patterns.


13 horses in different training forms were selected for this study. Each horse was selected according to the following criteria. 10 competing horses.
5 of the horses suffer from trauma and muscle soreness in the study, one of the 5 horses was known to be injured, the image before the Cyclo sage cover was used to show their normal thermal patterns.
The same five horses had the Cyclo sage cover applied for 15 minutes at the maximum level. The purpose of this was to show increased blood flow promoted by the Cyclo-sachet to a normal healthy horse and show effective warming of the muscles before training. In Study 2, the 10 horses were ridden for 20 minutes. Immediately after the trip, there were five horses using the Cyclo-sack cover for 15 minutes, and the other 5 horses retired without using Cyclo ssage. The purpose of this study was to show the benefits of closeness with muscle recovery after training. In study three, five horses with muscle tenderness and density were depicted with infrared camera observed as thermal patterns as asymmetric in the wider areas. Each horse had the Cyclo sage cover applied for 15 minutes. The purpose of this study was to promote healing, ease muscle pain and tension. All horses were handled and depicted in accordance with the protocols and procedures prepared by the International Equine Thermography Institute.
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Report: Cyclo-ssage

Date: Start 20/04/09

End 27/04/09

Examine one:

First five horses during this first study were put on the Cyclo sachet for 15 minutes. All these horses are filmed within 15 minutes of treatment. Four out of five horses remain relaxed for up to two hours after treatment. Thermal pattern distribution was symmetrical and blood flow increased to the muscles. The other five horses from study 1 were run immediately after the Cyclo sage treatment. The horse showed increased flexibility and reduced stiffness in riding and was found more focused, flexible and took larger steps. It was also observed that the horses were relaxed during exercise.

Examine two:

The first five horses in study 2 were ridden for 20 minutes and returned to the stalls where they were cooled. After 30 minutes, the image of the thermal cameras and uneven blood flow observed due to lactic acid in certain muscles and stiffness in the three horses was still found. This second set of horses rode for 20 minutes at the same speed and intensity as the first. After the session, the Cyclo-saw cover was applied at medium intensity for 15 minutes. It was observed that the cyclosaccharide cover encouraged the horses to visibly relax, and the thermal patterns observed by removing the tire through the infrared camera were even in symmetry and great improvement in blood circulation.

Examine three:

Five horses with muscle stiffness and soft tissue damage on the back were first depicted with thermographic camera. Each horse showed asymmetry because of their physical condition. Cyclo-ssage massage cover was applied to each horse for 15 minutes on an intensive program. At the end of the treatment, the infrared images in three cases showed five changes in thermal patterns from asymmetric to symmetric, suggesting improved muscle fitness. Treatment in all three cases was repeated within 5 to 10 days, each horse showing great improvement in motion, agility and performance.[/dfd_heading]

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